How much does CDASA Membership cost? 

     Annual subscription is $36.00 for the first year and $30.00 for subsequent years, due April 30th. First year cost includes $6 branch badge. 

    Meeting Door Fee, this varies per branch and is only applicable if you attend meetings. 
  • $3.00 Adelaide Central 
  • $5.00 Flinders 
  • $3.00 Lower Northern 
  • $3.00 Marion 
  • TBA Northern
  • $5.00 Naracoorte $2.00 South Eastern Cake Decorators 

    Sugarcraft Days, Workshops, Competitions and Seminars all have costs involved if you attend. The cost for these events vary and will be listed in the application form for the event and on the website. 

     The CDASA is a non-profit organization co-ordinated and organized by members.